Günsu Inc. was founded in 1980 by Ünal ÇOTAK and Mustafa Karaman with the manufacture and sales of solar energy and heating systems. As from 1982, it started to develop its activities in Antalya Old Industrial Area with the participation of Hüseyin Karaman.

Firstly, it carried out franchise of the solar collectors produced by Aygaz and then it started to manufacture its own collectors by taking over production, machine and equipment from Aygaz.

In1983, regional office was opened in Alanya. The said region was positioned as the East Mediterranean Region and it has been continuing to carry out its activities by expanding its field. Mr. Ünal ÇOTAK left the partnership after 1983.

In1985, working place in the Old Industrial Site was closed and it was moved to its own working place in which there are offices, working shop and storages within the closed space of 1000 m² and which is currently used as the Central Regional office.

Upon rapid development of tourism sector, it started to project swimming pools and ornamental pools for the hotels and holiday villages to manufacture equipment and also to carry out electromechanical installation and mounting works.

The company continuing to grow fast was incorporated with the name of Günsu Inc. under the partnership of İsmail Karaman, Mehmet Karaman, Mustafa Karaman, Hüseyin Karaman and İsmail (2) Karaman as from 1989 and continued to carry out its activities.

Company partners also started to sell chemical material with the density of pool works founded Günsu Inc. in 1993 with the participation ofOkay Karaman for chemical production.

Within this process, company partners founded Santek Havuz ve Yapı Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ in 1994 to carry on a business in the same subjects. This company has been carrying out its activities in Ankara and neighborhood provinces.

This company carrying on a business firstly in pool chemicals in the Mediterranean Industrial Site started to produce cleaning products and then it carried out its activities on boiler-tower and technical chemicals. In 1998, it started to make production in its own factory having a closed space of 10.000 m² within the area of 20.000 m² in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone.

In 2004, Fipol AŞ Company was founded in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone with Polin AŞ which is a leader company of water slides sector. In this facility having closed space of 10.000 m² in the open space of 53.000 m², products are manufactured in three different divisions. Products such as Fipol Pool, modular pool from the composite plastic and fiberglass materials and also pool toys are manufactured. Fipol Marine started to carry out its activities in 2008. Larus branded boat production is made by using all current technologies of CTP technology in the world. Fipol Kompozit will be able to manufacture very different products and coating materials from every kind of composite material in the next period.

In2006, an office was opened to carry out activities in Istanbul. Currently, this Office carries out activities on water conditioning, pool chemicals and cleaning products.

Günsu Inc. wanting to gain more strength within this period accelerated institutionalization period of the company as from 01 February 2011 by receiving professional consultancy support. Thus, it determined the project name as Target 2030 to harmonize strategic targets of the company and institutionalization works and to refer to 50. anniversary of the company in 2030.

In the early 2012 season, storage and office were opened in Manavgat region to be able to respond the demand coming from the accommodation facilities inn Antalya which is tourism center of Turkey. This facility became an installation providing both product and technical support.

In the early 2013, Bodrum branch was opened to be able to carry out activities more firmly in the south of Aegean Region.

Günsu Inc. has been participating in Antalya Alkollü İçecekler AŞ and Antalya Enerji Üretim AŞ companies to have a voice in strong foundations in its region.