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By thematizing the interactive play towers which has become a new trend recently, we manufacture products that strengthen the visual aspect of the facility, make the guests remember the facility easily and increase the recommendation rate as well as customer potential.

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With over 30 years of experience, we create perfect aqua parks starting from designing phase to the manufacturing phase by means of our qualified personnel by supporting our solution partners and investors.

Children Slides

We have designed many creative slides on which the children can have their first slide experience completely safe and without any fear, so that they can have the time of their lives during their visits to aqua parks.


Maximum fun in the sea or in the pool with the aim Wibit combinations. Sporting activities, competitions, demonstrations, and especially children, will be an unforgettable holiday...

Crooked Classic Slides

By making use of the gravity force and enabling the water flow through a canal, the Crooked Classic Slides are integral parts of the waters parks, even though they do not date so back in history as much as the water slides do.

Extreme Slides

These slides are different from other slides which uses G-Force and starts from a high spot, and ends within the pool.

Fast Slides

These slides are designed to have you experience the best “free falling” sensation (vertical drop) and generally produced in flat form starting point to the pool, to the exit. We use soft twists only for Twister to maintain its original appearance.

Fiberglas and Soft Figures

We have designed fiberglass figures to give a magic touch to your parks and sites. Apart from the figures included in our catalogues, we also have figures in the designing, modeling or molding phases.

Interactive Water Play Groups

The interactive aqua towers which are the latest trend in the field of animation for kids will be an amazing course for children to visit your facility. These groups, the combinations of entertainment and water in the play grounds, will give you the advantage for attracting more customers.

Racer Series

We are really happy to expand our product range with a sophisticated ride group: Racer Series. This series set another example for customer oriented, flexible and efficient design concept.

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