» Biggest swimming pools in Europe

WE BUILD TURN-KEY POOLS such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Olympic-size swimming pools, lazy river, crazy river, entertainment pools such as wave pools, surfing pools, also decorative and ornamental pools, and aqua parks in accordance with the international standards and regulations, not only by adapting new technologies developed worldwide to our systems but also DESIGNING, PLANNING ...

» Ornamental pool

Mobilizing water in different forms and dimensions. Decorative pools have different types, these are: calm pools, pools with dance and music and currently they are commonly used.

Ağlayan Duvar

Suyun düz bir satıhtan akıtılarak yansıma elde edilmesi amacıyla dizayn edilen havuz tipleridir. Yansıyan yüzeyler üzerine projeksiyon cihazıyla görüntü yansıtılarak yaratıcı tasarımlar oluşturulabilmektedir. İç mekânlarda ve dış mekânlarda kullanıma uygun olan su perdesi, halk arasında “ağlayan duvar” olarak da bilinmektedir.

Biological Ponds

They are artificial pools which are built so that water can create solutions proper to visual purpose except for swimming purpose in a definite capsule either with filtration or non-filtration.

Children’s and Animation Pools

In touristic facilities, filtration and disinfection systems of children’s pools should be more dependent than other pools.

Decorative Pool (arranged with fishing line)

These pools are created with water flowing over fishing lines stretched between bottom and top collectors or steel wires when water splashing is not demanded.

Dry Pool

Dry Pools are designed in a way to have same altitude and view with environmental flooring when it does not operate, it can be implemented where open volume implementations cannot be made or it is not demanded to observe water visually (AVM, streets, water walkways and playing fields). When nozzles operate by hiding under the flooring, these are systems built to provide a visual effect.

Exhibition Pools

These pools provide facilitating movement visually to the water with a scenario specified before accompanied with light, water or music.

Fiberglass Pool

The most known and used material among composite plastic materials is fiber-glass or glass fiber-reinforced polyester known with GRP name.

Floating Type Fountain Systems

They are one of the fountain systems which are placed on a PVC case and ready for use as a compact with one or more than one nozzle, pump, lighting armatures and transformers.

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