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» General information about SPA

SPA means “SALUS PER AQUAM” in Latin, and HEALTH THROUGH WATER in English. SPA centers are designed as individual parts within the hotels or medical facilities.

» General information about SPA & Wellness

SPA is a fast-growing concept and has been continuing to take place in resort and hotel complexes in many places of the world. GÜNSU colors up SPA centers with business partnerships that it establishes with Turkey and world’s leading producers of SPA equipments.

Adventure Shower

Adventure Showers, Rain maker adventure showers provide you very different atmosphere thanks to different shower choices, enhanced special shower heads, freshener perfumes, rich light games, thunder, nature’s sound effects and special sprays.

Hydrotheraphy Basins

Günsu performing business partnership with the most esteemed producers of the world on SPA equipments has been offering innovatory products of French Stas Doyer company on hydrotherapy.

Salt Room

Salt therapy was considered as alternative medicine solution in healing asthma and similar respiratory tract diseases. This therapy unit was developed upon the fact that employees who were working in salinas in the Central Europe and the ones who had respiratory tract diseases got better.


In Spa tradition, Finnish bath and Russian banya have their own special Spa unit which is an absolute must for them. Sauna which was only known within the borders of Finland before has entered into the lives of many people all over the world and gained importance

Shock Shower Bucket

Bucket Shower is a design based upon hand workmanship with 304 K stainless steel console and solid wood bucket. This experience is used in spa centers and it is very fun.

Snow Fountain

Snow-ice fountains were designed to cool your body with snow-ice after Sauna and other hot therapies. Users take broken ices from the pot and apply it to their body. This application provides that skin is stretched, blood circulation accelerates and circulatory system strengthens.

Snow Room

Snow room is a unique and innovatory product for SPA centers. The ones who like Sauna and Wellness will find an opportunity to cold their bodies with a fascinating method in proper manner in the blood circulations after leaving sauna and vapor room.

Steam room

Temperature in vapor room is between 40 °C - 45 °C and moisture rate is %100. It is floor channeled in vapor room and insulation is made for influx of water in entire interior wall. Generator of vapor room is outside of the room. Sauna temperature is approximately 90 °C. It is necessary to use ceramic-type materials as in walls, ceiling and vapor room. Generator is inside the sauna room. Floor channel is not necessary, while ceiling may be inclined in vapor room, it is plain in sauna. While the characteristic of water-tightness is an obligation, it is not valid for sauna.

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