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» General Information about Minerals

The main minerals and chemicals that we use in water treatment, activated carbon, charcoal used in ion exchange resins and filters are materials such as dolomid.

» General Information About Reverse Osmosis Systems

In the basis of reverse osmosis treatment system, there are semi permeable membranes. When high pressure water is given to membrane, only %1-3 of pure water molecules and dilutions in the water can pass trough membrane pores. Thus, microorganisms such as bacteria and virus are filtered.

» General Information About the ultrafiltration

Since pore diameters of membranes that we use in ultra filtration systems are smaller than diameters of microorganisms, it is possible to purify water with %100 safety.

» General Information about wastewater treatment

As a result of the studies which are conducted for the domestic waste water to be treated in a way not to harm environment and receiving environment (sea, lake, river, etc.), a package plant which; - has a treatment efficiency of 90-98%, - is easy and economical to operate, - takes a very small space, - does not cause bad smell and flies, - makes very little sludge, and a package facility works in a biological process for waste water treatment was built.

» General Information About Water Softener

If water softening operation is flow rate and time control, with tandem automatic systems and has big capacities; it is made by being projected according to demand via surface piping single and tangem softening systems.

» General Information on Microbiological Water Treatment Systems

Microbiological treatment systems are offered as Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems in which microorganisms are deactivated without adding any chemical or oxidant in water and as Chemical Dosing Disinfection Systems designed to dose Teknophos SC25 chemical used for microbiological treatment in potable and utility water.

» General information about Demineralized System

Deionizer units which were designed especially for processes needing high quality pure water are used to obtain pure water as a result of purifying all ions remaining after being treated from pre-treatment units from the water.

» Our Filtration System Overview

Our filtration system products are put into the service in these categories: * Multimedia filters * Active carbon filters * Surface piping multimedia and carbon filters * Iron-manganese filters * Separator, cartridge and bag filters

Active Carbon Filters

Active Carbon Filtration systems are processes providing removing chloramines known as color, taste, odor, organic substance and carcinogen which may be potentially used in the water, chlorinated organic substance and free chlorine from the water with adsorption method.

Active Carbons

Dust Active Carbons, Granule Active Carbons

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