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» Antalya Professional Industrial Laundry Detergents

GÜNSU providing cleanliness and hygiene by rendering service to many enterprises such as hotel, laundry room, hospital, restaurant and factories will continue to render Laundry Hygiene products service in the international quality.Antalya Professional Industrial Laundry Detergents

» General Information About Carpet Care

TARGET product group is offering various products for cleanliness of every kind of carpet. Using these products on carpets regularly and on-site enriches our living spaces with their brightness and they will remove elements posing a threat to our health.

» General Information about Economic Group Products

Products designed to achieve budget with our professional products group. Health centers, our group preferred product by the 2-3 star hotels and hostels can also be used for household cleaning.

» General Information About Floor and Surface Care

ALCOV Surface Care product group developed in laboratories with superior formulas consist of products sensitive to human and environmental health in terms of application and usage. In case you obtain information from experienced GÜNSU staff on polish application and carry out cares periodically, surfaces seem brighter, they are smooth and also easy cleanliness and hygiene are provided.

» General information about Food Hygiene

GÜNSU Food Hygiene product group has been rendering service with products which are sensitive to environmental and human health on continuous cleanliness of producing areas by considering not only health of people to consume the foods but also of working staff.

» General information about kitchen hygiene

GÜNSU Kitchen Hygiene products consist of products produced to remove elements threatening contamination occurred in the kitchens and human health. Using products on-site and periodically has a big importance in terms of both human health and company’s reputation.

» General information about Private Label Products

Currently, we have been continuing to produce private label products in cleaning materials with different package choices from 250 mL to 30 L.

» Information on general hygiene

In general living areas, cleanliness is important for both appearance and health. Especially in bath and toilets, formation of elements to threaten human health is inevitable.

Alcov C 1

It removes corroded polish which must be removed before making new polish application. It cleans dense dirt and oils and greases on the floor surface.

Alcov C 2

It is used for daily cleaning and care of polished surfaces. Since it is neutral product, it does not harm the polish, protects brightness and prolongs polish’s life.

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