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Demineralization Systems

Deionization units, which are important technologies used in the production of pure water, offer significant advantages such as low operating costs, no continuous personnel requirement, and achieving better results in water quality compared to other systems.

Deionizer units, specially designed for processes requiring high-quality pure water, are used to obtain pure water by removing all ions remaining in the water after passing through pretreatment units.

These systems, designed especially for applications such as well water treatment, glass industry, dialysis centers, boiler feed water, cosmetics, cleaning product manufacturing facilities, and factories with high demand for pure water, are widely used today. Fully automatic deionizer units are designed in two stages.

The first unit utilizes cation-exchange synthetic and resins to remove cation ions from the water to facilitate hydrogen conversion. This allows the H+ ions from the first unit to combine with the OH- ions from the second unit to form H2O.

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