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Chemical Dosing Disinfection Systems

Chemical dosing disinfection systems are used for microbiological treatment in drinking and utility water by dosing the chemical “Teknophos SC 25”. One advantage over ultraviolet systems is that it provides continuous protection by maintaining residual levels in the systems.

Chemical dosing can be done in three ways:

  1. Based on usage quantity
  2. Time-based
  3. It is possible to disinfect by automatically controlling with automatic control systems

Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems

For disinfection to be fully effective with ultraviolet rays, there should be no sediment in the water. In order for ultraviolet rays to disinfect the water effectively, parameters such as sediment and turbidity must be removed from the water to ensure that the rays reach the entire water with the necessary intensity and enter the system clearly.

Disinfection with Ultraviolet Systems involves rendering microorganisms ineffective without the addition of any chemicals or oxidants to the water. With the aid of an ultraviolet lamp placed inside a glass sleeve, UV radiation with controlled dosage is applied to the water entering the device. These ultraviolet rays disrupt the DNA structure of microorganisms, rendering them inactive.

This process results in an average disinfection efficiency of approximately 99.9%. Another important consideration in Ultraviolet Systems is placing the system as close as possible to the point of use. Additionally, the water exiting the system should not enter a separate unit exposed to the atmosphere and should be used without delay.

To achieve good efficiency in ultraviolet units, periodic maintenance is important. UV lamp replacement should be done once a year, and quartz glass cleaning should be performed periodically depending on the quality of the raw water. Failure to perform this cleaning will reduce the effectiveness of UV radiation and decrease device efficiency.

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