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About us

The foundations of Günsu were first laid in 1980 by Ünal ÇOTAK and Mustafa Karaman with the aim of manufacturing and selling solar heating systems. Starting in 1982, with the addition of Hüseyin Karaman, the company expanded its activities at the Antalya Eski Sanayi Sitesi. Initially, Günsu operated as a distributor for solar collectors produced by Aygaz, and later took over the production, machinery, and equipment from Aygaz to start manufacturing its own collectors.

In 1983, a regional office was opened in Alanya, which is currently positioned as the Eastern Mediterranean Region, expanding its operations in the region. Ünal ÇOTAK withdrew from the partnership after 1983. In 1985, the workplace in the Eski Sanayi Sitesi was closed, and the company relocated to its own business premises, now used as the Central Regional Office, with 1000 m² of closed space housing offices, workshops, and a warehouse.

Due to the rapid development of the tourism sector, Günsu began to undertake projects for the design, equipment manufacturing, electro-mechanical installation, and assembly of swimming pools and decorative pools for hotels and resorts. Continuing its rapid growth, the company officially incorporated in 1989 as Günsu Enerji Sistemleri ve Konfor Tesisleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş., with partners İsmail Karaman, Mehmet Karaman, Mustafa Karaman, Hüseyin Karaman, and İsmail (2) Karaman.

With a focus on pool projects, the company's partners also started selling chemical materials. In 1993, they established Günsu Su Kimyasalları ve Cihazları Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ for chemical production. During this period, the partners founded Santek Havuz ve Yapı Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ in 1994 to operate in the same field in Ankara and surrounding provinces.

Initially operating in the Akdeniz Sanayi Sitesi with a primary focus on pool chemical production, the company expanded its activities to include cleaning product manufacturing. Later on, Günsu continued its operations in boiler-tower chemicals and technical chemicals.

In 1998, Günsu commenced production in its own factory located in the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, covering an area of 20,000 m² with 10,000 m² of enclosed space. In 2004, in collaboration with Polin A.Ş., a leading company in the water slide industry, Fipol A.Ş. was established in the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, encompassing 53,000 m² of open space and 10,000 m² of enclosed area. This facility consists of three separate sections producing various products.

Fipol Havuz specializes in the production of products such as modular pools and pool toys made from composite plastic and fiberglass materials. Fipol Marine, which began its operations in 2008, manufactures Larus brand boats utilizing CTP technology, incorporating all existing technologies worldwide. Fipol Kompozit is positioned to produce a wide range of products and coating materials from various composite materials in the coming years.

To expand its operations in the Istanbul region in 2006, an office was opened, currently focusing on water conditioning, pool chemicals, and cleaning products. Seeking to strengthen its position, Günsu Enerji Sistemleri ve Konfor Tesisleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. accelerated its corporate structuring process as of February 1, 2011, with professional consultancy support.

Aligning corporate efforts with strategic goals and referencing the company's 50th anniversary in 2030, the project was aptly named "Hedef 2030" (Goal 2030). In the beginning of the 2012 season, a warehouse and office were established in the Manavgat region to promptly respond to demands from accommodation facilities in Antalya, a central hub of tourism in Turkey. This facility serves as a base providing both products and technical support to the region.

In early 2013, a branch was opened in Bodrum to enhance the company's operations in the southern part of the Aegean region. Günsu also has stakes in Antalya Alkollü İçecekler A.Ş. and Antalya Enerji Üretim A.Ş. to have a prominent presence in strong formations within its region.

Our Vision

To maintain our position as a domestic leader, agile, and pioneering company and to become an influential, respected, and preferred corporate entity internationally.

Our Mission

In all the fields where we operate, our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality products and impeccable services in a timely manner, leading the industry in technology, R&D, professionalism, and environmental sustainability.

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