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Ornamental Pool

Günsu Inc.: Expertise in Ornamental and Landscape Pools

Günsu Inc., one of Turkey’s leading companies, is managed by an experienced team specialized in ornamental and landscape pools. With our various services, we offer aesthetics, functionality, and quality to our customers.

Our Services:

Ornamental Pools

Günsu Inc. designs and constructs aesthetic and unique ornamental pools suitable for any space. Our ornamental pools, distinguished by architectural touches, add an elegant atmosphere to your environment. We are among the leading companies in ornamental pool construction in Turkey.

Show Pools

Show pools equipped with impressive lighting and sound effects are one of Günsu Inc.’s specialties. We offer the most suitable solutions for unforgettable performances. You can receive detailed support and price quotes from our company for show pool construction and projects.

Fountain Systems

We create the dance of water with fountain systems of different designs and sizes. We provide aesthetic and vitality to your space with customized solutions.

Weeping Wall

Our weeping walls add a unique atmosphere to your environment with the soothing sound of water and aesthetic appearance.

Stringed Pool

Our stringed pools attract attention with their original designs and modern touches. With our expert team in architecture and engineering, we bring your projects to life.

Dry Pool

Our dry pools offer impressive visuals even without water, providing modern space-specific solutions with their minimalist designs.

Water Inscription

We add a personal touch to your space with water inscriptions that can be customized according to customer requests.

Stainless Steel Chrome Sphere Ornamental Pool

One of our modern and stylish designs, stainless steel chrome sphere ornamental pools combine durability and aesthetics.

Artificial and Biological Ponds

With artificial and biological ponds that bring the beauty of nature to your space, we create a calm and natural atmosphere.

Artificial Waterfall

Our artificial waterfalls mimic the beauty of natural waterfalls, adding the freshness and energy of nature to your space. We are ready to support you with artificial waterfall construction and project contracting.


With misting systems, we add a mystical atmosphere to your space. We provide solutions to your misting needs with our aesthetic and practical designs.

Fountain Hollow Jet

With fountain hollow jet systems, we showcase the dance of water in the most impressive way. We add value to your space with our modern designs.

At Günsu Inc., we bring your projects to life at the highest level with our expert team specialized in ornamental and landscape pools. Visit our website to explore detailed information and our projects. Feel free to contact us, let’s design the ideal pool and landscape solutions together for you.

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