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Dry Pool

A dry pool is a system that sprays water from the ground. This system, which can be applied to different surfaces, consists of illuminated nozzles installed in specially adapted grids according to the stones on the ground.

The water sprayed from the nozzles creates an aesthetic appearance. Dry pool systems are applied on steel frames or elevated platforms. The surface where dry pools are applied is designed to be compatible with the surrounding landscape pavement.

Thus, it is ensured that the stones where dry pools are applied remain at the same level and appearance as other pavement materials when the system is not in use.

Dry pool systems are commonly seen in various applications such as pedestrian walkways, streets, parks, shopping malls, and squares. The nozzles are hidden under the pavement.

Dry pools, especially used in the evening hours, are systems established to provide a visual effect.

They create a visual spectacle, especially with colored lights. Different colors and sizes of lamps are used in the system. The height of the fountains and the effect created by the water also vary. Depending on the size of the area used, the number of nozzles used for the dry pool system may also vary.

There are motors that pump water for the pool system nozzles. It is a landscaping application frequently used by municipalities for its aesthetic and decorative features.

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