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Wastewater Treatment Systems

A package plant operating with a biological process has been established for the treatment of wastewater. This plant is constructed as a batch reactor. It is a compact unit containing all the necessary equipment and instruments for the treatment of wastewater.

Description of Wastewater Treatment – Disinfection System: The system is designed to treat pollutants in wastewater that may harm the environment, and it is a compact package treatment plant that includes essential units for aeration, disinfection, and sludge stabilization in biological treatment.

Biological treatment applied in package treatment plants achieves the consumption of organic matter in wastewater through microbiological activity. For this purpose, an environment necessary for microorganisms to perform bio-fragmentation is provided in the biological reactor of the system.

During the bio-fragmentation process, oxygen and temperature required by microorganisms are provided from the blower within the system. The air produced by the blower is conveyed to the system through diffusers at the bottom. The wastewater taken into the reactor through the grid is subjected to the sedimentation process after being purified from the organic load in this unit. The mass of microorganisms formed as a result of microbiological activities in the biological reactor settles and separates from the treated wastewater.

The treated wastewater discharged can be used for irrigation or discharged, or it can be prepared for use in activities such as car washing and environmental cleaning by additional tertiary treatment units (filtration, disinfection, etc.). In a system operating based on the principle of extended aeration activated sludge, excess microorganisms are oxidized due to the long sludge retention time, and no additional units are required for sludge stabilization. The volume of sludge to be disposed of from the system is greatly reduced. If desired, a separate sludge storage and thickening unit can be additionally added.

To prevent odors that may occur in the additional sludge storage section, this unit is equipped with diffusers and continuously aerated. The sludge in this unit can be used as raw fertilizer, and additional sludge treatment units can be built at no cost to reduce the sludge volume and convert the sludge into dry fertilizer.

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