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Curved Classic Water Slides

Aquapark and Waterslide Construction: A New Dimension of Fun

At Günsu AŞ, we take a leading role in water entertainment and aquapark construction. With our curved classic water slides, high-speed slides, boat slides, racing slides, and extreme slides, we elevate the excitement of water enthusiasts to the next level.

Curved Classic Water Slides: Our aquaparks feature curved classic water slides that offer thrilling designs and enjoyable descents, providing our guests with unforgettable moments. These slides, where safety and fun come together, appeal to visitors of all ages.

High-Speed Slides: Designed for adrenaline junkies, high-speed slides instantly deliver speed and excitement, making our water parks even more special. Carefully constructed for architectural excellence, these slides enchant your guests with cool splashes upon hitting the water.

Boat Slides: Ideal for groups seeking shared excitement, boat slides are an excellent choice. Günsu AŞ’s boat slides guarantee shared exhilarating moments and smiling faces.

Racing Slides: If you want to race with your friends, racing slides are perfect for you! Combining speed and competition, these slides bring an extra energy to our water parks.

Extreme Slides: Designed for experienced water entertainment enthusiasts, extreme slides are a way to test your courage and push your limits. At Günsu AŞ, we offer these special slides with the highest safety standards.

Spray Action: One of the indispensable elements of our aquaparks is Spray Action! This special area, filled with the movement and splashes of water, not only cools off our guests but also allows them to reach the heights of fun.

At Günsu AŞ, we combine professionalism and quality in aquapark and waterslide construction. We invite you and your visitors to an adventure-filled water experience.

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