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Artificial and Biological Ponds

Artificial Ponds Artificial waterfalls or ponds provide a natural ambiance to the environment in which they are built. Many factors, from the height of the waterfall or pond to the water circulation systems, are considered during the planning stages.

Artificial waterfalls or ponds can host living populations such as plants, frogs, and fish. Projects enriched with natural or imitation rocks present a visual spectacle.

Artificial waterfalls or ponds are typically installed in landscaping areas such as parks and gardens. This type of pool, which is both natural and artistic in design, can be combined with biological pond projects.

A steel construction system can also be used in the project. Pricing varies depending on factors such as height, water circulation mechanism, water volume, installation area, and materials used.

Biological Ponds Biological ponds are a landscaping practice that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Natural plants and beneficial bacteria thrive in the pond’s ecosystem.

Self-cleaning biological ponds are a part of the next generation of landscaping projects. The construction of a biological pond begins with exploration by expert teams. Many factors, from the soil structure of the area to its geographical characteristics, climate conditions, and other environmental factors, are considered.

The living ecosystem of a biological pond is evaluated during the planning stages. Materials such as docks, decks, natural stones, gravel, and rocks can be used in biological ponds. Different visual elements such as plants, reeds, fountains, sculptures, and flowers are added to the project.

Because it is a living ecosystem, a biological pond adds a natural atmosphere to the area and requires no water purification costs as it cleans itself.

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