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Stainless Steel Chrome Sphere Ornamental Pool

Stainless steel chrome sphere-shaped pools designed for hotel lobbies and indoor spaces. They feature LED lights and animated fountains, and can be custom designed and implemented according to demand. They are used as fountain systems that provide a lighted sphere appearance.

The sphere-shaped structure, made of brass material, is equipped with special nozzles for water spraying. The system sprays water in an umbrella shape, forming a half or full sphere when the nozzles are activated.

Sphere fountains are commonly used in decorative pools. Also known as sphere fountains, these systems are frequently used in parks and squares.

The water spraying nozzles can be illuminated, providing a visual spectacle especially at night. The sphere effect with water is created by water disks emanating from the central manifold.

This effect is characterized by enchanting patterns. The materials used in the system can be stainless steel or brass. The sphere fountain system has become increasingly popular in decorative pools in central areas in recent years.

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