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Weeping Wall

Weeping walls are types of pools designed for the purpose of achieving reflection by flowing water from a flat surface. Creative designs can be created by projecting images onto the reflecting surfaces using a projection device.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the water curtain, also known colloquially as a “weeping wall,” is a type of water display or water curtain. It is implemented by flowing water from a flat wall or surface and reflecting it with lights.

Different photographs or images can be projected onto the surfaces reflected by water using a projection device. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

The weeping wall system, which provides a pleasing water design rather than joy, can be applied in many open and closed spaces. The prices of weeping walls may vary depending on the size and features of the system.

Especially common in municipal buildings or corporate headquarters, weeping wall systems have a flexible structure for implementing more attractive forms with different designs.

The illuminated weeping wall system provides enjoyment to viewers, especially in the evening hours.

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