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Misting Curtain

A misting curtain refers to illuminated fountain systems that create an aesthetic appearance with water. It is designed for water to flow down in a curtain-like shape from various nozzles on a platform, with light reflecting onto it.

The supporting frame of the fountain system can be covered with stainless steel sheet or composite material. It can be applied to concrete pools or stainless steel pools.

The dimensions of the misting curtain can vary depending on the size of the area where it will be applied. Nozzle and pump specifications may vary depending on the application location. Parks are among the primary areas for misting curtain applications.

They are commonly seen in urban squares, shopping mall squares, hotel lobbies, decorative walls, artificial waterfalls, and pools. They can be used in outdoor spaces, open areas, or indoor environments.

Misting curtains complement designs in both light and indoor settings and can be integrated with digital systems. A digital misting curtain can be used with various indicators such as text, logos, and clocks.

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