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Cappel BIO 507 Biological Cleaner, Unblocker, and Odor Eliminator for Drains and Pipes 20 L

It is a special bacterial culture that can efficiently break down organic oils into smaller building blocks. The bacteria with the highest oil-dissolving properties have been selected in laboratory conditions without any genetic modifications.

CAPPEL BIO 507 bacteria can adapt to produce various lipase enzymes, even under the toughest conditions, which contribute to their oil-dissolving properties. This adaptation ability enables them to achieve efficiency that no chemical can match. Keeps grease traps and pipes clean.

Reduces the frequency of cleaning grease traps. Eliminates foul odors. Truly destroys fats instead of releasing them into the drainage system. Prevents clogging of the drainage system. It is a natural product and does not contain strong acids or bases.

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