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Iron Manganese Filters

Iron and manganese, which are found in dissolved form in water, cause discoloration and turbidity, leading to bacterial growth. Undesirable consequences occur especially in the production processes of textile, plastic, paper, leather, and food industries. With the use of special filtration minerals in filters, iron removal up to 5 ppm and manganese removal up to 2 ppm are achieved.

The dissolved iron, which is filtered between layers by oxidizing as it passes through the special mineral at low speeds, is removed from the water during backwashing. During backwashing, no regenerative substance is required.

However, for iron levels higher than 5 ppm and manganese levels higher than 2 ppm, using a different filtration mineral and regenerative substance during backwashing can solve the problems.

Arsenic removal unit is the process of removing arsenic mineral from your water. Thanks to the arsenic mineral, the arsenic level in the raw water can be reduced below the drinking water standard values, making the water potable.

Moreover, thanks to the filtration mineral, particles, turbidity, and sediments in the water will be filtered out, providing clear water. Ammonium filtration systems are applied to remove ammonia using special minerals.

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