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Multimedia Filters

The most noticeable contamination parameter in all waters, turbidity, consists of factors such as suspended solids, organic matter, silica, and sediment. These pollutants with specific particle sizes are treated with multimedia filtration units. In sand filters, water is passed through layers of sand, gravel, and anthracite of various particle sizes at an appropriate speed to be filtered.

At the same time, it ensures the protection of other equipment following the sand filters. After a certain operating time, sediments accumulate on the filter media. In this case, the system automatically initiates the backwashing process. The backwashing process involves high-flow water flowing in the opposite direction of the normal operation flow, washing the filter media, and removing the accumulated sediment from its place.

In sand filters, the regeneration process can be automatically performed without any intervention based on the desired time or pressure difference. The most important parameters affecting the efficiency of multimedia filters are the quantities of minerals, their correct arrangement, chemical structures, granulometric properties, and the appropriate selection of filtration rate.

In a well-bedded filter with a filtration rate suitable for the pollution load, the filtration sensitivity is below 15-20 microns. Filtration units are fundamental systems that should be present in water treatment systems. The systems consist of three main components: the control unit, the filter vessel, and the filter media. Fully automatic Fleck valves are used as control units.

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