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Pool Filters

Tweatwater Sand Filter, specially prepared for swimming pools, is manufactured entirely with domestic materials in our Fipol Inc. factory, established in partnership with Polin Inc. and Günsu Inc.

Pool safety and cleanliness require both pool owners and users to be sensitive. Necessary steps should be taken step by step for effective pool cleaning, and after cleaning, it should be determined that the pool water values comply with the pool regulations. There are two main steps in pool cleaning. Pool filtration, one of these processes called filtration and disinfection, is the process of physically removing all kinds of solid substances such as sand, hair, and stones.

Pool cleaning equipment that actively plays a role in filtration can be specified as sand filters. Sand filters have undertaken the most crucial process in purifying pool water from contaminants.

Sand filters play a role in removing suspended solids in water and eliminating pollution that causes the water to appear cloudy and abnormal in color.

Located in the engine room, sand filters are used with 0.5 – 1.5 mm fine filling materials made of quartz or glass.

While the filtration pump sucks dirty pool water and sends it to the sand filter, clean water is provided by the attachment of pollutants to the filling material of the sand filter. Sand filters, which vary according to the speed of water flow, can be listed as follows: Open sand filters, low-speed sand filters, standard-speed filters, medium-speed sand filters, high-speed sand filters.

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