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Calcex Filter Filter and Pool Cleaner 1 KG – 5 KG

It dissolves the accumulations formed in filters. It does not damage the surfaces. It is concentrated, providing economical usage.

In heavily used pools, residues such as body oils and sunscreen gradually accumulate in the filters, forming a waterproof film layer. Additionally, the calcium contained in the water accumulates among the sand particles, blocking the sand and rendering it ineffective.

Calcex Filter cleans such dirt and calcium formations in the pool and filter without damaging the material. It does not contain hydrochloric acid. It should only be used for the purposes stated on the label.

Calcex Pool Calcium Remover for Swimming Pools 10 L – 30 L

It dissolves calcium deposits. It is used during pool openings and periodic cleanings. It is concentrated, providing economical usage.

It is used for cleaning pool surfaces, sanitary fixtures, and vitreous elements. It eliminates calcium deposits and rust stains.

It is composed of inorganic and organic acid mixtures. It is a concentrated product and is used by diluting with water. It is used to remove heavy calcium deposits formed before the opening of the season.

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