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Separators, Cartridge, and Bag Filters

Filter systems operate on the principle of separating solid particles and particulates with a specific gravity greater than that of water by the centrifugal force effect, removing them from water. As water enters tangentially into the inlet chamber, due to the centrifugal effect, particles heavier than water are thrown towards the walls of the device and spiral down towards the collection area.

The particles collected in the lower chamber of the filter are periodically or continuously discharged manually or automatically. The water separated from the particles is drawn upward through the vortex in the center of the separator and passes to the outlet line. Cartridge filter systems consist of filter housings and cartridges.

The filter housing serves as a socket for the cartridges, which are the main elements that purify the water. Filter housings can be made of stainless steel and carbon steel materials. Cartridges used in cartridge filter systems have different micron sensitivities. Therefore, it is possible to perform micron-level precise filtration with the appropriate number and type of cartridges for different capacities.

The properties of the raw water entering the filter, the usage period of the filters, and the contamination periods of the cartridges are criteria that affect the filter’s operation and the filter cartridge replacement.


Deionizer units specially designed for processes requiring high-quality pure water are used to obtain pure water by removing all ions remaining in the water after passing through pretreatment units.

These systems, designed especially for well water, glass industry, dialysis centers, hot water boiler feed water, cosmetic, cleaning product manufacturing facilities, and factories with high pure water demand, are widely used today.”

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