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Setrax Liquid Perbo Low-Foaming Alkaline Laundry Detergent 20 L

Features: Setrax Liquid Perbo is an alkaline main washing detergent that does not contain optical brighteners. Suitable for use with a liquid dosage pump. Used for removing stains in facilities that may generate heavy soiling, such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and factories.

It provides excellent results, especially on greasy and blood stains. Suitable for washing cotton textiles. Not recommended for delicate fabrics.

It is a main washing detergent with strong grease and dirt removal power. Effective in low and medium hardness water at any temperature.

Usage and Dosage: For heavily soiled, greasy, and blood-stained laundry, add 1-3 mL to 1 liter of water. Should be used in conjunction with surfactant-containing auxiliary washing products.


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