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Teknophos D 207 Biodispersant for Cooling Water 30 L

The Biodispersant for Cooling Water, containing cationic surfactants and polycarboxylic acids, disperses impurities formed in the system. It prevents deposit formation, keeping heat transfer surfaces clean to prevent a decrease in efficiency. In cooling towers and wet stack applications, particles in the air and smoke are captured by the water.

If the concentration of these captured particles in the water is not controlled over time, they become concentrated. They settle and form deposits, which insulate heat transfer surfaces, reducing efficiency. They disrupt the corrosion protection program by preventing the access of inhibitors to the metal surface. They cause blockages in pipes, leading to malfunctions.

Teknophos D 207 prevents all these adverse consequences. With its cationic surfactants and polycarboxylic acids, it disperses these impurities, prevents them from clumping and settling, and ensures they are removed from the system in small particles.

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