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Teknophos KSF 1700 Oxygen Inhibitor 30 L

It is a combination of amines with high distribution rates possessing metal-passivating and chemically oxygen-binding properties.

It protects steam-generating systems against oxygen corrosion by chemically binding dissolved oxygen. It provides protection by passivating (forming a passive film) iron, copper, and their alloys. By reducing pre-existing iron oxide and copper oxide deposits before the conditioning program, it cleans metal surfaces.

Due to its high distribution rate, it provides protection not only within the boiler but also in steam and condensate lines by being transported with steam. It can be easily used in both low and high-pressure systems. Its structure supports the elevation of pH in condensate lines. It is economical due to its high concentration and low dosage ratio. Being entirely organic and not contributing to conductivity, it does not increase the need for boiler blowdown like sulfite-based chemicals.

It ensures economic operation by not leading to energy consumption. It reduces maintenance and repair costs.

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