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Thermal Pool

In thermal pools, mineral-rich waters at temperatures of 38-41°C are used to treat painful rheumatic diseases, calcifications, skin disorders, stress, and stress-related ailments.

Thermal waters, originating from underground sources, are subjected to various cooling and resting processes before being conveyed to tubs, pools, or baths within the facility, directly aiding in the patient’s treatment or through massage.

Thanks to their high mineral content and temperature, they contribute to the treatment process by allowing the absorption of necessary substances into the body.

Günsu Inc. Offering Reliable Solutions in Thermal Pool Projects

At Günsu Inc., we construct comfortable and healthy living spaces with our leadership in thermal pool projects. Thermal pools are among the essentials of modern living, and at Günsu Inc., we continuously advance our expertise in this field.

Bringing Your Thermal Pool Projects Closer to Reality with Günsu Inc.

Finding the right partner for your pool projects is the first step towards successfully and efficiently bringing a quality facility to life. With years of experience and a skilled team, Günsu Inc. is here to successfully complete your thermal pool projects.

Highlighted Features in Our Projects:

Design Harmonized with Technology: Günsu Inc. combines aesthetics and functionality using the latest technology in thermal pool projects. Our modern designs enhance the visual appeal of your facility, while our technological features prioritize functionality.

Eco-Friendly Solutions: With a mission to preserve nature, our projects focus on eco-friendly materials and energy efficiency. Our thermal pools are designed and built in accordance with sustainability principles.

Turnkey Service: Günsu Inc. offers turnkey service for your thermal pool projects, allowing you to focus on other matters. Our expert team meticulously manages every stage of your project and ensures timely delivery.

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