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Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filtration systems are processes that remove potential color, taste, odor, organic matter, carcinogenic chloramines, chlorinated organic compounds, and free chlorine from water through the adsorption method.

As known, most organic compounds are toxic. Organic molecules are completely captured by activated carbon particles, which have a very large surface area. After a certain operating time, the activated carbon system needs to undergo a backwashing process.

In this case, the system automatically initiates the backwashing process. The backwashing process involves high-flow water flowing in the opposite direction of the normal operation flow, washing the filter media, and changing the surfaces of the minerals in contact with water to increase their adsorption capacity. The system enters the automatic backwashing process at a predetermined and programmed time without any human intervention.

Activated carbon is a charcoal-like material but with a very large surface area (1000-1500 m²/g). The efficiency of the activated carbon filter depends on the properties of the activated carbon used in the filter bed and the correct selection of the water filtration rate. In activated carbon systems, both the filtration mechanism and the absorption mechanism operate during water purification. Therefore, Activated Carbon Filters are physicochemical enhancement systems.

Another important consideration regarding activated carbon is that the mineral bed can create a suitable environment for bacterial growth. This is because activated carbon accumulates organic matter, and if there are bacteria in the water, they can use this organic matter as food to proliferate.

In such cases, bacterial breakthrough may occur. Therefore, it is important to disinfect the water before and after the activated carbon treatment.

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