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Energy-efficient humidity control is provided for indoor pool areas. The desired humidity level in the space can be adjusted via a digital hygrometer on the device. In closed swimming pool environments, if the humidity level in areas requiring drying processes and dehumidification is not controlled, it disrupts comfort conditions and can cause damage to buildings and construction areas. During the winter months when there is a high temperature difference between indoor and outdoor environments, and on cool summer evenings, condensation occurs on wall and glass surfaces as the temperature difference (ΔT) increases. When the relative humidity in the air exceeds 60% to 65%, it begins to damage the indoor environment.

When chemicals added to pool water for disinfection purposes combine with moisture, hydrochloric acid is formed. This accelerates corrosion. When the relative humidity in the air is high, bacteria, fungi, and viruses find the opportunity to reproduce and thrive.

When the relative humidity is below 55%, the activities of microorganisms are minimized. Pool-type dehumidification plants have been designed and made available to users to eliminate all these negative conditions. Heating, cooling, and heat recovery batteries (heat pipes) using copper pipe Blufin technology are resistant to humidity, pool chemicals, and corrosion. Pool-type dehumidification plants minimize operating costs thanks to the heat recovery system.

The room air is continuously monitored by digital humidistats and humidity sensors. During the summer season, the plant operates with 100% fresh air support to provide energy savings. In the 100% fresh air mode, compressors are in the off position. During the winter months when dehumidification and heating are required, the heating coil and dehumidification process operate simultaneously. They provide complete comfort for pool environments.

They have a Dehumidification capacity of up to 200 kg/s. They contribute to energy recovery. They provide up to 70% heat recovery. They ensure optimal energy efficiency. They improve air quality. They offer the most logical solution for energy saving in swimming pools.

Individual Type Dehumidifiers

Moisture is released through breathing and sweating, affecting the humidity level of the room. Even pets and plants kept at home contribute to high humidity levels.

At the same time, routine activities such as cooking, washing, showering, or bathing also affect the humidity level. However, the humidity level created by all these activities cannot be regulated solely by ventilation.

Home type – Individual type dehumidifiers are specifically designed for these needs. With their simple design, they easily fit into any room. In addition, various dehumidification capacities are suitable for various room sizes.

Industrial Type Dehumidifiers

Dehumidification air conditioning plants are used in indoor swimming pools to provide the desired temperatures according to humidity and seasonal conditions. (At 28 °C pool water temperature, 30 °C indoor air temperature, and 50-55 Rh humidity value) 8 different types and capacities are specially produced for indoor swimming pools ranging from 50 m2 to 500 m2.

Indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers are specially developed air conditioning plants for removing and regulating the humidity of indoor swimming pools, drying processes, and special places where humidity is required. It consists of aspirator, fan, heat recovery battery, direct expansion, cooling coil, hot water last heating coil, and electric heater sections. Hermetic scroll compressors are used for the gradual provision of dehumidification and cooling cycles.

The device has a specially designed electronic control system for the dehumidification cycle. With this control system, the pool area is automatically brought to the desired conditions with Summer, “Short Night,” and “Short Day” options.

The system is designed to receive fresh air and exhaust air. The device is delivered as a package and on an electric control panel.

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