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From Air to Water

A heat pump is a machine that transfers energy between different environments. The efficiency of heat pumps is referred to as COP.

COP (Coefficient Of Performance) is an expression used in thermodynamics, indicating the relationship between the power consumed by the heat pump and the heat energy it produces.

For example, a heat pump with a COP value of four provides four units of heat energy for every unit of energy consumed. A higher COP value implies less energy consumption. The COP value of Ecoteq and Ecocycle heat pumps is above 4.0. Heat pumps have the ability to heat both bath and pool water.

Hotels, gymnasiums, residential complexes, baths, and standalone villas can efficiently and economically use heat pump systems to heat their pools and utility water during winter. Additionally, they can be applied in the heating and cooling of greenhouses and animal shelters.

While heating and cooling your home, heat pumps can provide hot water for use up to 60°C. As known, a heat pump uses a small amount of energy to transfer heat from one environment to another. “From Air to Water” Heat Pumps draw heat energy from the outside air during winter days and heat the intended area.

The operating cycle of all ECOTEQ and ECOCYCLE Heat Pumps can be reversed. Thus, they can also perform the cooling process by transferring the heat from the intended area to the outside environment.

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