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Günsu A.Ş. Collaborates with Rotary District 2430 and Akdeniz University to Host a Seminar on Organ Donation Awareness

Günsu A.Ş. organized an informative seminar on organ donation and its significance in collaboration with members of Rotary District 2430 and Assistant Professor Nilgün BİLAL from Akdeniz University.

During the seminar led by Assistant Professor Nilgün BİLAL, important topics such as the ethical and legal aspects of organ donation, the organ transplantation process, and the challenges faced by patients on the waiting list were discussed. The significant importance of organ donation for public health was clearly emphasized to the participants.

As the management of Günsu A.Ş., we would like to express our gratitude to Assistant Professor Nilgün BİLAL and the members of Rotary District 2430 for sharing their knowledge and experiences during the seminar. This valuable event was a significant step towards highlighting the importance of organ donation, raising awareness in society, and increasing consciousness on this matter.

With the awareness that organ donation can save lives and the understanding of our societal responsibility in this regard, we will continue to organize and support such events. We invite the public to support the efforts made to increase awareness about organ donation through seminars like this one.

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