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Lazy River

Lazy River is a system created by continuously pushing water in a circular direction with a speed ranging from 0.5m/s to 1.5m/s and a depth of the river not exceeding 1.20m.

Currently, there are different methods used worldwide for Lazy Rivers in terms of water technology, such as turning the water mass by pressurized water from sequential nozzles or pushing the water mass in the river with the help of propellers.

At Günsu, we ensure the movement of a very long system with few motors at low cost by using special high-efficiency propellers. Rafting is one of the most thrilling outdoor sports. This sport can now be done in water parks as well.

Rafting can be done in artificial rivers with different difficulty levels, water speeds, and wave shapes. Our company can implement this system in various channel types. The length of the channel can range from 200 meters to thousands of meters.

With properly placed jet pumps, the water speed in the channel can be increased up to 4 m/s. It is also possible to use the channel as a lazy river by closing the wave stations.

Wave Stations: By installing multiple wave stations, wave shapes, interactions, and breaking points can be created just like a real river. There are pneumatic wave generators that can be controlled by PLC in wave stations.

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