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Salt Room

Salt therapy has been embraced as an alternative medicine solution for the treatment of respiratory conditions such as asthma. It is based on the rapid healing observed among those working in salt mines and individuals with respiratory ailments in Central Europe.

The environment is entirely covered with refined iodized food-grade salt to give the appearance of a salt cave. The existing walls, ceiling, and floor are coated with salt.

The walls are completely covered with natural Himalayan salt bricks. Behind these salt bricks, color therapy salt saunas are created using an electric heating system and RGB lighting.

The salt coating process involves applying refined salt, mixed with a special water-based adhesive, manually and with a compressor, to the walls and ceiling at a thickness of 1-1.5 cm. Decorative works are carried out in the salt room environment using wood and CNC-cut logos and patterns. Finally, loose salt is spread on the floor.

The electronic SaltDose salt dosing device is used to initiate preset and adjusted session durations, dosing times, lighting systems, and sound systems via remote control. Salt dosing devices are used to dispense powdered salt and liquid saltwater.

Salt lamps and LED lighting systems are applied to salt rooms to colorize and enrich the therapy environment.

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