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Sauna is an indispensable part of every spa with its unique spa units such as Finnish saunas and Russian steam rooms in the spa tradition. Initially known only within the borders of Finland, saunas have gradually become an essential part of the lives of many people worldwide and are now found not only in hotels and sports complexes but also in our homes. Sauna provides a relaxing and rejuvenating space for people.

In the high temperature and low humidity environment of the sauna, a sauna bath causes a 10°C increase in the surface temperature of the skin of the person bathing, and at the same time, the temperature beneath the skin increases by 1°C, which increases the production of antibodies, protects the body against diseases, accelerates blood circulation, and triggers intense sweating in response to prevent the rise in temperature under the skin, allowing the body to eliminate toxins accumulated during sweating, relieving muscle pain by removing lactic acid, and providing the opportunity to have fresh, smooth skin by eliminating dead cells.

There are many modifications and versions of saunas. For example; Finnish saunas, Bio saunas, Russian saunas, and Outdoor saunas.

Comparing a Finnish sauna made of hemlock or Finnish pine, which operates at 80 degrees, with a Bio sauna, the Bio sauna has a milder heat. With light effects, you can enjoy an environment at a temperature of 50-60 degrees in a Bio sauna.


Cedar wood is known for its durability and has a unique, pleasant aromatic smell. Therefore, it is widely used in sauna production.

As with all woods, cedar wood has different and unique characteristics. It is quite different in color and structure. Cedar wood emits a very pleasant scent that relaxes people. It has a low resin content and is less knotty.


 It is a tree that grows in Scandinavian countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway). Trees grown in such countries grow slowly due to the cold and harsh weather conditions, so they have a strong and resistant structure. Finnish pine does not have knots at all. Additionally, the resin content is very low. With its smooth grain structure and color, it has a unique, simple, and very pleasant appearance.

MEDITERRANEAN PINE It usually grows in countries with coastlines along the Mediterranean. It is a very useful tree for sauna production. In addition to being moderately resistant to impact, it is easy to work with. It is divided into two types: grooved and smooth paneling. It generally has a knotless structure, and the resin content is quite low.


The Ayous tree is a tree species that grows in the African continent. This tree stands out with its extremely milk-white structure. Due to the climatic conditions in which the trees grow, their length plays a significant role in sauna production. Another name for the Ayous tree is Abachi. Besides its durability, which makes it frequently used in saunas, the Ayous tree is also a straight-lined tree. Some Ayous trees can reach up to 6-7 meters in height. The entire sauna can be covered with this tree.


strong and dense Canadian tree, Hemlock is distinctly dark-red with a vein texture, low resin content, and knotless. It is effective against heat.

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