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Shock Pool

A shock pool is used to apply cold shock to the body after relaxing the muscles in a sauna, Turkish bath, or steam bath, causing them to contract and tighten again.

The average water temperature is between 15°C – 16°C. It accelerates blood circulation, aiding in the elimination of toxins from the body and alleviating some pains by stimulating nerve endings. It also strengthens metabolism and the nervous system. Pool design and implementation are carried out according to demand and appropriate conditions.

Günsu Inc.: Shock Pool Project and Commitment

At Günsu Inc., we showcase our commitment to innovation and quality at the highest level in our shock pool projects. With our expertise and experience in the industry, we offer our customers a unique experience. Our shock pool projects stand out with our modern design approach and high-quality materials.

What is a Shock Pool?

Shock pools are specialized water pools designed to increase athletes’ performance, accelerate rehabilitation processes, and support overall health. At Günsu Inc., we design customizable shock pool projects tailored to our customers’ needs.

Project Stages

Günsu Inc. manages shock pool projects from start to finish. In the initial stage, a detailed analysis is conducted to understand our customers’ needs. Then, customized project presentations are made to our customers for approval. During the construction phase, our expert team implements the project using high-quality materials.

Quality and Safety

At Günsu Inc., we prioritize quality and safety in our projects. The materials used for shock pools adhere to the highest standards, and safety protocols are followed throughout the construction process. Customer satisfaction and the longevity of our projects are among our top priorities.

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